Ultrasounds Cleaning Equipment

The ultrasounds’ cleaning is based in the HIGH FREQUENCE WAVES principle, waves that are produced in the liquid in which the pieces are sunk to be cleaned.

The formation of millions of micro-bubbles, and a violent implosion make them to be distributed near the tool to be cleaned providing it an important brushing action. This system is named ULTRASONIC CAVITATION.

This cleaning system doesn’t damage or scratch the surface to be cleaned.

The cleaning with ultrasounds is used for any type of spare parts, removing any kind of dirty and getting unbeatable results.

You can get it any material: metal, plastic, electrical….

The FRUCOSOL team knows very well the needs our customers have, and this is why we try to offer the best solutions. Then, we manufacture machines with the dimensions you need to fulfill all your expectations.

Thanks to our I+D Department, all our equipment has to pass the most severe quality controls to be sure of its efficiency. We always use the best tools to get the best results.

Many different business sectors are using this new cleaning system of Ultrasounds: Iron and Steel factories, Aeronautical business, workshops, filters, blinds, shipbuilding industry, Laboratories, Computers, Medicine, watchmakers, Optician …


limpieza por ultrasonidos


Microscopic cleaning Quality

No Risks cleaning

Time Saving

Detergent Saving

Staff’s cost saving